FamilyConnect™ has a number of resources for parents of children and teenagers who are blind or visually impaired. If you are looking for fun, accessible games and activities for the holiday season, we hope you will find the following links helpful.

• Sharing the Holidays with Your Child Who Is Visually Impaired—parent Emily Coleman offers timely advice on keeping up traditions, teaching in the moment, adaptation, and time management during the holidays.

• What Toy to Buy for My Visually Impaired Kid?—Emily Coleman offers some specific suggestions and helpful tips for parents who are trying to choose toys as presents for the holidays. Add your own suggestions by commenting on the blog!
Emily and her son, Eddie
• Tips for Travel with a Visually Impaired Child—A driving trip or resort vacation for the whole family can be lots of fun, but how do you maximize the experience for a child with a visual impairment? Instructors Sue Melrose and Ginger Irwin, from The Hadley School for the Blind, provide their expertise and some ideas to make your family getaway fun for everyone. boy touching a tactile map of the United States
• Increasing Your Child’s Mealtime Independence—great tips for teaching table skills, helping your child find his way around the kitchen, and encouraging him to prepare simple snacks and meals. young boy cutting celery with a sharp knife, with an adult supervising
• Toy Guide—AFB has been collaborating with the Toy Industry Foundation for over a decade creating this guide, Let’s Play: A Guide to Toys for Children with Special Needs. All of the toys are tested by dozens of children with vision loss, and we choose the ones that seem to be most popular. The guide indicates whether the toy is considered especially good for children who are blind (B) and children who have low vision (LV).
cover of Let's Play: Guide to Toys
• Choosing Toys and Creating a Play Area for Your Child—this article outlines some of the features to look for in a toy for your infant or toddler, and describes how to set up a safe and stimulating play area for your child.
bright musical toy
• Teaching Your Baby to Play With Toys—practical ideas about how to introduce new toys to your child, and help him learn how to play.
baby playing with toy
• A Self-Proclaimed Gadget Lover—parents of older kids may find gift ideas in this article about a gadget-loving college student teen and her dog guide
• Share your holiday tips on the FamilyConnect message boards