Emily: My name is Emily Coleman.

Description: A photo of Emily and her family.

Emily: My husband and I are parents to three unique children including my middle child, Eddie, who is blind with multiple disabilities. If you’re a parent of a child who is blind or visually impaired it’s important you know you’re not alone. Families like ours, and professionals are ready to help. And they can be found at, an online community of support, information and connection.

Description: Screen shots of the FamilyConnect website.

Emily: On FamilyConnect, you’ll find regular blogs authored by parents and family members, including me! There are video testimonials from families, and ways for you to meet other families online if you choose. You can locate resources and events in your community through the directory and calendar of events. And if you need answers, you have access to a library of articles written by parents and experts in technology, education, child behavior and much more.

Description: A montage of photos of families.

Emily: We’re all here to support you as you work to expand the world of possibilities for your child who is blind or visually impaired. Get connected. Stay informed. Find your voice, on FamilyConnect. Welcome to our family!

Narrator: FamilyConnect.