Emily Coleman

Hi! My name is Emily. My husband and I are parents to three unique children including my middle child, Eddie, who is blind with multiple disabilities. For what I can only say were therapeutic reasons, I’ve decided to share our lives, including the most interesting aspects of raising Eddie.

I like nothing better than to talk about Eddie with other parents like me. Parents that are traveling their own unique, yet similar, path. Parents that have children with visual impairments and can relate to my stories without feeling anything but understanding and familiarity. FamilyConnect, and the American Foundation for the Blind, have given me the opportunity to reach that intended audience.

Since Eddie was born, I’ve also ventured into the professional realm of blindness, and am now a teacher of the visually impaired (TVI). I know not only what instinct tells me, but also what the professional opinion may be about raising a child who is blind. As you’ll see in my blog, I take the professional side of things into consideration, and then choose the path that works best for me…for Eddie…and for our family. Sometimes we go by the textbook, and other times we decide to go in a completely different direction.

Emily Coleman and her husband and children

I am opening up my life to others in the hope that parents like me will be inspired to share, to reflect, and to ask for guidance. Also, I hope that family members of said parents will be able to grasp how complicated and exciting our lives can be. Please comment on my posts to support or question my opinions and actions.

Remember, I am only one mom. Your stories and insights are equally as important as mine and just as interesting if not more so. With that being said, I hope you enjoy the humorous, sometimes difficult, look into my life. Through supporting each other, we will be better parents for our children.