Thank you to all the individuals, families, and institutions who participated in the FamilyConnect photo and video shoots!

Nancy and Paul Abbott
Kim and Allie Alfonso
Cody Alverez
Shaun Barber, Saleena Masquat, and Tyler Barber
Doe Beauchamp
Ginger Bell
Diane, Patrick, Sarah, Will, and Anna Brabston
Tina, Chris, and McKala Burlison
Dave, Patty, Jason, Sarah, Matt, Danny, and Mary Rose Bushland
Michele and Lauren Chauvin
Sarah Chung
KC Collins
Michelle Contey
Theresa Court
Kim Cunningham and Kayleigh Joiner
Sue Dalton
Roxey Davis, Jennifer Davis, Sarah Rister, and Joshua Rister
Joann Dolezal, Andrea Ludwig, and Eric Ludwig
Kristin Donze and Nathan Spellmeyer
Connie Ellis
Mindy and Jeremy Fifield
Michael, Vanessa, Lyndsey, and Natalie Foreman
Cathi, Crisleen, Chelsea, Paige, Brynn, and Kennedy Fowler
Aaron, Jessica, and Paxton Franke
Robert, Elaine, Robyn, and Matthew Fritz
Laura Glowacki
Stephen Goudinoff
LuAnn and Jade Green
Christine Griffin
Marybeth Hanson
Venetia and Joe Hayden
Tawni Holland
Tomara, Damian, Alex, Anna, and Dominick Honeywell
Erin, Jeff, and Sam Horstmeyer
Brian Johnson
Rachel Jones
Kim, Gary, and Tyler Juranek
Judi Kaski and Brenda, Jake, and Johnny Efraimson
Tricia Kauffman
Evan Kedzierski
Rich Kenney
Kartar Khalsa
Charlie, Michelle, Chantel, Macie, Callie, Dwight, and Audrey Koistinen
Karen Kronk, Sherri Gregson, and Gabriel Gregson
Beth Langley
Kimberly Lauger
Holly Lawson
Kim, Dave, and Devon Lengel
Dale Lipps
Curt, Shelly, Caleb, and Jamey Loutham
Erick Martinez
Mary Jo Martinez
Patricia, Marty, and Lamar Matthews
Robert, Cathy, and Samantha Medeiros
Parker, Reagan, Shelli, and John Moore
Lori Moroz-White
Karen Mulholland
New York Institute for Special Education
Vicki Numkena
Jen, Bill, Camille, and Oliva O’Neil
Doug, Carolyn, Samantha, and Rebecca Ratkowski
Linda Reed
Rebecca Reiss-Korc and Yael Korc
Alison Rickerl
L. Penny Rosenblum
Rada Schaff
Misty, Aaron, Izabella, and Nathaniel Schmidt
Christina Schoch
Lisa Serino
Barsha and David Smith
Tressie Smith
Jennie Smith, Allan Levin, Callan Ann Smith Cobb, and Max Smith-Levin
Nancy, Troy, and Miranda Solsaa
Sonia and Oscar
Krystal, Lance, and Vincent Stuwe
Diana Thiabult
Grace Tiscareno-Sato
Irene Topor
Steve, Karen, and Derek Trischler
Jill, Blake, and Tucker Wagner
Carey Warren
Terry and Martin Wilson
Jennifer Wolf