Linda Mamer Listen to Linda Mamer’s advice on the benefits of parent/professional collaboration on communication skills.


Hello, I’m Linda Mamer, and currently, I am a provincial deaf-blind consultant in British Columbia, Canada.

What do you see as being the benefits of a collaboration between home and school in terms of the child acquiring communication skills?

Well, I think there’s a huge benefit to a parent/professional collaboration. These students are very complex. There needs to be a positively focused, consistent group around the child who can brainstorm and problem solve.

Professionals benefit when they know aspects that are happening at home, such as sleeping and eating, and also activities or events that are happening at home and in the community that really capture the student’s interest that can become part of the communication focus at school.

Families benefit knowing how the student communicates and interacts at school. This can happen through school visits, home visits, and videotapes. Regular meetings can be very helpful to the families, the professionals, and ultimately, to the student.