By Anne McComiskey

baby playing with toys

Objects, objects here and there,
Objects, objects everywhere.
Can you put them on your wrist?
Can they shake? Can they twist?
Can you hitch them to your hand?
Maybe hook them with a band.
Can you hang them from a hook
all around the breakfast nook?
Gadgets, gadgets, here and there
Items, gadgets everywhere
In the car, at the table,
Gadgets can just make you able.
Pots and cups, bells and beads,
Whoozits, whatsits and zillyponseeds.
Hang ’em low or on the side,
Just have lots that do not hide.
Gizmos, gizmos here and there,
Gizmos, gizmos everywhere.
For your fingers and your hands,
You can start a gizmo band.
Glue a Ta-Da and a Wump-it
Or some CDs and a trumpet.
Fill the hand-world with the fun
of three billion and 74 plus one.
Gadget-play helps kids who don’t see much
Learn ’bout the world through hands that touch.
Thing-a-ma-jigs and polly-goose-tarters
Hung around will make ’em smarter.
Zipperzoolas and slipperystraws mixed with jingles
And belzerklaws
Feed the brain through hands that play,
But hex upon things that “GET AWAY!”
So take those thingies and little pa-zoards
and tie them onto object boards.
Make a blanket or a vest
hung with vezibblers and all their zest.
Because objects and gadgets are the best to train
little fingers that will feed the brain!