dad smiling at his young visually impaired daughter, who is sitting on his knee, smiling

Babies are wonderful, but they don’t arrive with a set of instructions! Like all parents, parents of infants who are visually impaired have a lot to learn. But there are many services and sources of help. Find out about them—and much more—here.

Once you have the diagnosis of blindness, learn how you can:

The “Transition to Independence” section explains how you may help your child to develop independence skills and begin the process of career awareness and development. We thank the May and Stanley Smith Foundation for its support and funding of this project. Read these articles to see what you can do at home.

If you are raising a blind baby, know that you are not alone. On FamilyConnect, you can connect directly with other parents like you by joining the FamilyConnect community. There are several full-time parent bloggers contributing to FamilyConnect. You can request e-mail updates for these blogs and track your favorite message boards by registering with FamilyConnect.