As a parent of a grade schooler who is significantly visually impaired, you can begin to consider endeavors which will prepare your son or daughter to work towards greater independence. Middle school or high school is on the horizon, bringing increased academic demands and different social pressures. You may want to explore summer and weekend programs for youths with visual impairments as potential opportunities for helping your child develop a range of social and independent living skills. Furthermore, although grade schoolers who are sighted are not learning to drive automobiles, many of them have pedal-powered vehicles, go-carts, and mechanized scooters. They are starting to think about driving cars and trucks, and you need to help prepare your child for what it’s going to be like as a nondriver or a low vision driver. Even at this young age, your family can support him in beginning to learn about how he’ll travel as an older student and young adult.

In this section, you’ll find resources that will help your grade schooler prepare for the transition to middle and high school and later adulthood.