It’s time to set the stage for your child’s entrance into the adult world, be it as a college student or an employed young adult living independently. Now’s the time to explore the options available to your child after high school graduation—letting your teen take the lead but still showing your support.

Successful transition from the public school system into adult responsibilities and roles requires young adults who are blind or have low vision to consider what kind of work they’d like to be doing, where they will be trained to do that work, where and with whom they will be living, how they are going to get around without their parents and school personnel to transport them, and a multitude of other issues. This section of FamilyConnect will help you learn how to support and encourage your child in the transition process.

Also, encourage your teenager to visit APH CareerConnect® to explore career possibilities further, learn to conduct a successful job search, read success stories, and find a mentor who is visually impaired.