APH Hive: Equipping Children who Have Multiple Disabilities with Pre-Employment Skills

Is your child who is blind or low vision with additional disabilities preparing for a lifetime of meaningful employment? While transition and career readiness are mandated in your childā€™s IEP by the age of 16, career readiness has its place in your childā€™s educational programming from day one of entering school. But what does career … Continued

Transitions: 10 Resources for Transitioning from High School to College or Work

Editorā€™s note: If you have a teenager who is blind or low vision, encourage them to utilize all or several of the following ten resources to prepare for college or the workforce. The list of transition resources has been updated as of August 2022. 10 Resources for Transitioning from High School to College or Work … Continued

Transitions: Meet Khadija Bari: A Career Placement Expert

Editorā€™s note: After a summer break, itā€™s time to re-commence APH CareerConversations–a platform for learning about the career journeys of individuals who are blind or low vision. The first session of the season will be Thursday, September 1 at 6 PM Eastern when we will interview Khadija Bari, a career placement expert who is blind. … Continued

Transitions: High School Clubs Can Improve Your School Experience: A Teen Reflects

Editorā€™s note: High school student, Gabby Abeyta, reflects on her school experience improving after beginning to participate in academic and extracurricular activities and clubs. Gabby also shares tips and accommodations for participating in clubs as an individual who is blind or low vision.   _________________________ā€Æ  High School Clubs Can Improve Your School Experience: A Teen Reflects  … Continued

Transitions: Advocating for Your Rights as a College StudentĀ 

Editorā€™s note: Marie, a college student who is blind, shares how she selected a university and advocated for an accessible education. Donā€™t miss the announcement of our new College Conversations webinar series where a panel of blind and low vision young adults from across the United States will share first-hand accounts and advice on the … Continued

Transitions: From Self-Conscious of Blindness to Self-Confident and Successful: Meet Gena HarperĀ Ā 

Editorā€™s Note: Parents of children and young adults who are blind or low vision can take note of Gena Harperā€™s transformation from a young person who was self-conscious of blindness to an adult who is self-confident and successful. It is common for young people to desperately want to fit in with their peers. For this … Continued

Transitions: Navigating College Is Easier with Envisionā€™s College Success ProgramĀ 

Editorā€™s note: Parents of children who are blind or low vision, is your child preparing for college or other post-secondary education? You can introduce your child to Envision College Success Programā€™s all-virtual, holistic support system. Read on to learn more about the program and all it offers.Ā  Letā€™s face itā€”navigating college (from the application process … Continued

Transitions: My SWEP Experience (Student Work Experience Program)ā€ÆĀ 

by Daniel Bair Editorā€™s note: Career Exploration is a critical component of the Expanded Core Curriculum (ECC) for high-school students and transition-age youth who are blind orā€Ælow vision.ā€Æ The W.I.O.A. act set aside IDEA money to develop transition experiences for high-school age students with disabilities.ā€ÆBlindness vocational rehabilitation programs have responded with creative Pre-Employment opportunities for … Continued

The APH ConnectCenter Transition Hub Has Your Back for Transition Servicesā€Æ

Could it really be time to investigate summer transition programs and services for your transition-age student or young adult who is blind or has low vision? Yes! Those steamy months wrought with extra time for preparing your young person for adulthoodā€”independent life, college or career school, and the workforceā€”are around the corner. To help you … Continued

Transitions: The Making of a (Self) AdvocateĀ Ā 

by Jaida Burrows Editorā€™s Note: Growing up with cerebral palsy and cortical visual impairment (CVI), high school Junior, Jaida, shares how she doesnā€™t see her challenges as ā€œbarriersā€; she sees ā€œpuzzlesā€ that she can solve. Jaidaā€™s parents raised her to be a self-advocate. Starting in middle school, Jaida was empowered to share her story which … Continued