Give the Gift of Equality

Birthday and Christmas always have people wondering what to buy for our son who is blind. Not only does his diagnosis of blindness throw them off, but also his unique characteristics associated with autism. My request this holiday season is that everybody simply give him the gift of equality. Recently, while attending an event for … Continued

My Child Who Is Visually Impaired Is Bound by No Limits

Editor’s note: Today’s blog post is from Amanda Bowdoin, M.Ed., a certified teacher of the visually impaired, and mother of JD, her 11-year-old son who has CHARGE Syndrome and is deaf-blind. Bound By No Limits "Bound By No Limits," that was the theme for the 18th Annual Sports Extravaganza for the Blind and Visually Impaired. … Continued

This Fall, Maybe We Should Teach Our Children (With and Without Visual Impairments) It’s Okay to Fall

"When you read each of these sight words correctly to your teacher, maybe we can go to the donut store," I heard myself say to my seven-year-old. Her eyes grew big, I thought with excitement at the motivation. It took mere seconds to realize they widened out of panic. The pressure was on; she had … Continued

Paralympics and Our Newly Motivated Children

Parents, I know you are as impressed with the Paralympic athletes as I am! Absolutely remarkable displays of power, speed, strength, agility, resolve, and grit: unequivocal athleticism. I watched them, just as I watched the Olympic athletes, and felt a surge of adrenaline…like I needed to pick up a set of boxing gloves and release … Continued

Spring Sports: Why and How to Include Your Child Who Is Blind or Visually Impaired

I remember well a former student of mine who had low vision and was football obsessed. He enjoyed throwing and catching with his dad, playing on a leisure league, and helping coach young children in football on a weekend community league. This teen was swollen with pride when the football team at his high school … Continued

Experience Gifts for Children Who Are Blind or Visually Impaired Celebrating Christmas, Hanukkah, or Kwanzaa

“This Christmas,” my parents told me when I was twelve “we are going on a family trip instead of buying presents. Here’s why: Do you remember what we bought you last year? No? Well, you never forget an experience.” They were right. I never forgot that trip; we drove from our home in Raleigh to … Continued

Erik Weheinmayer Employment Interview

You might know it is National Disability Employment Awareness Month, and I was offered the opportunity to share some information with you. I manage the American Foundation for the Blind’s CareerConnect program. AFB CareerConnect is a career exploration, job seeking skills, navigating the employment process, and e-mentoring web program. You might guess that I am … Continued

NAPVI National Conference for Families

We have just returned from the National NAPVI conference for families held this past weekend in Chicago. We were so grateful to meet parents and teachers from around not only the country, but the world. (Kudos to the mother, aunt, and baby who traveled all the way from Australia!) The message families gave us is … Continued