National Center on Deaf-Blindness: Family Leadership, Engagement, and Empowerment

Families are the experts in knowing their child, which should positively impact the decisions made for a child who is deafblind. Children who are deafblind have specific needs and considerations that are “compoundingly complex.” Families with a child who is deafblind will go through many stages of emotions and have different needs as they support … Continued

Meet the APH FamilyConnect Parent Advisory Board Members! 

Our mission as the APH FamilyConnect Parent Advisory Board is to make a difference by empowering families with love, compassion, wisdom, and authenticity. – APH FamilyConnect Parent Advisory Board  In October, APH FamilyConnect established the first-ever Parent Advisory Board. This group represents nine different states, various diagnoses, ages of children, many life experiences, and the … Continued

My Career as a Benevolent Burglar: The Understated, Underrated Power of Contribution

Editor’s note: George Stern, a college student and brilliant wordsmith who is deafblind, shares the lasting impact of contributing to his family as a child.   1: Through the Window, Softly So, what would’ve happened was: my mum, Ms. Norma, or Ms. Marie, or some other Ms. in our constellation of neighbors would’ve locked herself … Continued

A Mother’s Reflections on Parenting a Child with a Visual Impairment

Editor’s note: Originally published in TX SenseAbilities in the spring of 2022, LaQuesa Wright reflects on parenting her young adult daughter who has low vision. A Mother’s Reflections on Parenting a Child with a Visual Impairment My name is LaQuesa Wright. I am a mother of three. Demetria Ober is my 22-year-old daughter who was … Continued

Early Intervention with Lola: A Mother’s Perspective

Editor’s note: Meredith Howell reflects on learning that her daughter, Lola, has low vision and multiple disabilities. She looks back at the value of early intervention services and shares that she is now the regional director of Visually Impaired Preschool Services (VIPS) Indiana. Early Intervention with Lola: A Mother’s Perspective When I was told my … Continued

Parents Gain a New Perspective on Their Son’s Albinism at NOAH Conference

When Brian and Danielle Ford learned their son, Benjamin, had albinism, they didn’t quite know where to begin. Brian shared his experience with APH FamilyConnect, writing about the diagnosis and the pursuit of getting Benjamin all the resources he needed. One of those resources was Melisa Matthews, a teacher of the visually impaired (TVI) who … Continued

You Can Touch the Elf on the Shelf: A Letter from Santa Claus

Editor’s note: Santa gives permission to children who are blind or low vision to touch their “Elf on the Shelf.” We hope you utilize this updated post from parent Holly Bonner of of Blind Motherhood to make the holidays meaningful and accessible for your child! If You Are Blind or Low Vision, You Can Touch The Elf … Continued

Author of “Matilda’s Eye Patch” Shares Her (Personal) Inspiration for the Book

Editor’s note: When Aimie Strachan was told her daughter needed to wear an eye patch for thirty minutes per day, she began searching for a book to explain the process to her daughter. When she couldn’t find a book, she decided to write it herself. Aime Strachan shares her story. Author of “Matilda’s Eye Patch” … Continued

TeenTober: Cultivating a Fondness for Reading

Editor’s note:TeenTober™ is a new, nationwide celebration hosted by libraries every October and aims to celebrate teens, promote year-round teen services and the innovative ways teen services helps teens learn new skills, and fuel their passions in and outside the library. Today we look at inspiring your teen who is blind or low vision to … Continued

Growing Up with Guide Dogs for the Blind

 Editor’s note: Guide Dogs for the Blind (GDB) introduces us to Megan Borella who first became involved with GDB when she was paired with a K9 Buddy in 2004. GDB’s K9 Buddy Program matches specially selected dogs to become wonderful pets and buddies to people who are blind or low vision, including children and their … Continued