Low Vision: Accepting the White Cane and Use of Protective Techniques

People with low vision sometimes have trouble accepting their need to use the long white cane. Orientation and Mobility Specialists (O&Ms) are in charge of teaching skills to their students such as the proper protection techniques and providing them with examples of how to incorporate them when needed. After hurricane Fiona and Maria, Puerto Ricans … Continued

O&M: Whatā€™s in a Tip? A Cane Tip that isā€¦

I recently met with a first-grade student for our second orientation and mobility (O&M) lesson. He had been issued a cane and tip by a previous certified orientation and mobility specialist (COMS). At about 20 minutes into our 60-minute lesson, he began to complain of being tired. This puzzled me because I have been his … Continued

Transitions: APH Huntington: A Program to Enhance Resources and Outcomes for a Rural Area

Editorā€™s note: APH Huntington recognizes the barriers to accessing services for those who are blind or low vision living in rural communities. Lee Huffman, APH Huntingtonā€™s Senior Strategist of Accessible Technology and Community Outreach, shares that one of APH Huntingtonā€™s aims is to provide hands-on training, discussions, and services throughout the rural community of Huntington, … Continued

Transitions: Meet Daryl Walker: Three-Time Goalball ParalympianĀ 

Editorā€™s note: Melissa Schenkel, Turnstoneā€™s Chair of Marketing, interviewed Daryl Walker, three-time goalball Paralympian representing Team USA in order to introduce him to the APH FamilyConnect community. Daryl shares the impact of his team, personal challenges he has overcome, and words of advice for others who are blind or low vision.Ā  _________________________ā€Æ  ā€ÆMeet Daryl Walker: … Continued

Summer Friendships: Helping Your Child Who is Blind or Low Vision Develop and Maintain Connections

Summer offers most young people additional free time due to fewer academic responsibilities. The season is ripe for your child who is blind or low vision to develop and maintain friendships through planning and attending get-togethers. Consider with me who your child can meet up with, any social skills needing improvement, and any accessibility concernsā€”all … Continued

Transitions: Five Orientation and Mobility (O&M) Skills to ā€œPackā€ for College LifeĀ 

FC Editorā€™s note: If your child is heading off to college or other post-secondary education in the fall, they can utilize the advice of orientation and mobility specialist, Amanda Bernath. Read on to learn what O&M skills they can ā€œpackā€ for their big transition!Ā  Itā€™s here again ā€“summer! Many students are excitedly anticipating and planning … Continued

The APH ConnectCenter Transition Hub Has Your Back for Transition Servicesā€Æ

Could it really be time to investigate summer transition programs and services for your transition-age student or young adult who is blind or has low vision? Yes! Those steamy months wrought with extra time for preparing your young person for adulthoodā€”independent life, college or career school, and the workforceā€”are around the corner. To help you … Continued

Transitions: Teens, Are You Strapped for Cash? Start Planning for a Summer Job

Editorā€™s Note: National Student Employment Week has passed, butĀ a summer job remains a right-of-passage for many high school students. It might be a teenā€™s first taste of freedom offered by a paycheck, it might represent saving up for something special, it might be a step toward saving for college or transition to living independently.Ā  Just … Continued

Orientation and Mobility for Your Child Who Uses or Will Use a Wheelchair

Perhaps you are here today with apprehension or concern, eager to learn how your child will travel when blind or visually impaired and using a wheelchair (whether full-time or part-time). You arenā€™t sure how orientation and mobility (travel training for individuals who are blind or visually impaired) will work when your child isnā€™t walking. Is … Continued

Transitions: White Cane Safety Day

by VisionAware peer, Steve Kelley Written by VisionAware peer, Steve Kelley, this great overview of National White Cane Safety Day was originally posted on APHā€™s VisionAware website. Orientation and mobility (O&M) skills are critical to the independence of all people with vision loss, regardless of age. To learn about how O&M is taught at different … Continued