Embracing Holland (The Unfamiliar Territory of Blindness/Low Vision)

On March 5, 2019, my son Russ shocked the delivery room with a full head of bright white hair. The nurses called it “rockstar” hair! He was the cutest little dude, with folks all over the hospital stopping by to see “the baby with the white hair” that all of us blonde ladies pay the … Continued

Low Vision: Accepting the White Cane and Use of Protective Techniques

People with low vision sometimes have trouble accepting their need to use the long white cane. Orientation and Mobility Specialists (O&Ms) are in charge of teaching skills to their students such as the proper protection techniques and providing them with examples of how to incorporate them when needed. After hurricane Fiona and Maria, Puerto Ricans … Continued

Optometrist and Co-founder of ‘Black Eyecare Perspective’ Shares

“I wore glasses from the age I was five, but I don’t think that made me want to be an optometrist,” says Dr. Adam Ramsey – Owner & Optometrist at Socialite Vision and Co-founder of Black Eyecare Perspective. “When I was young, I visited more than twenty eye doctors, and not one asked me if … Continued

Parents Gain a New Perspective on Their Son’s Albinism at NOAH Conference

When Brian and Danielle Ford learned their son, Benjamin, had albinism, they didn’t quite know where to begin. Brian shared his experience with APH FamilyConnect, writing about the diagnosis and the pursuit of getting Benjamin all the resources he needed. One of those resources was Melisa Matthews, a teacher of the visually impaired (TVI) who … Continued

A Dad’s Perspective: Learning My Son Has Albinism

Editor’s note: September is Albinism Awareness Month. In effort to increase awareness of albinism and subsequent low vision in children, APH FamilyConnect shares a dad’s story of learning his young son has albinism. A Dad’s Perspective: Learning My Son Has Albinism Benjamin was born in November 2017. He was fair-skinned and blonde and looked exactly … Continued

InfantSEE Offers No-Cost Vision Assessments for Babies

Most children get a basic vision screening in elementary school. But the founders of InfantSEE® realized that’s just not early enough, or thorough enough, to identify some eye conditions that can impact a child’s development and learning ability. Glen Steele, O.D., FCOVD, FAAO, an optometrist based in Tennessee, co-founded InfantSEE with the late W. David … Continued

Making Stories Sparkle! An Invitation to an Interactive Story Time 

Hello, I’m Gwynnie-Gwyn-Gwyn, the storyteller and creator of the Story Time Show, a show that is inclusive of the whole family or class. It’s a show that has children with complex learning needs and their families at its heart. It’s a show that aims to have FUN!  Can you imagine the joy of your family … Continued

APH ConnectCenter Physical Activity Webinar Programs 

by Dr. Lauren Lieberman and Ruth Childs Editor’s Note: Dr. Lauren Lieberman and Ruth Childs share information about a seven-part APH ConnectCenter webinar series where Dr. Lieberman and additional experts will provide information, examples, and tools to support access to recreation and physical activity for all children, including those who are blind or low vision.  … Continued

Braille: The Doorway to Literacy

As we celebrate Louis Braille’s birthday and World Braille Day on January 4 – and Braille Literacy Month throughout January – it’s an ideal time to consider how important it is for all students who are blind or visually impaired to learn braille.  Of course, there are plenty of ways to take in language without sight, from … Continued

Low-Vision Assessments and Services: The Earlier Your Child Starts, The Better

Perhaps you’ve noticed your young child is having trouble reading, even though they’ve started building a vocabulary. Maybe a teacher says your teen is having problems seeing the blackboard from an assigned seat, or isn’t meeting their full potential working online. Or it could be that you take your child to the family eye doctor before they … Continued