Sensory Play: Mom Shares Ideas for Babies and Children

My name is Dovile, and I am a mother of two incredible boys, Jacob (6) and Dominic (1). Jacob is our music lover; he fills our house with music and can’t imagine his day without the keyboard. Dominic is our explorer; he loves toys, books, and all sensory play! They both were born with LCA … Continued

O&M: What’s in a Tip? A Cane Tip that is…

I recently met with a first-grade student for our second orientation and mobility (O&M) lesson. He had been issued a cane and tip by a previous certified orientation and mobility specialist (COMS). At about 20 minutes into our 60-minute lesson, he began to complain of being tired. This puzzled me because I have been his … Continued

“I Can Do It!”: Promoting Self-Determination Skills

Editor’s note: October is National Disability Employment Awareness Month (NDEAM). To help your young person who is blind or low vision prepare for a satisfying adult life and meaningful employment, you can work with them on the skills of The Expanded Core Curriculum for Students Who Are Blind or Visually Impaired which include self-determination skills. … Continued

National Blind Sports Week: Running Towards Accessible Sports

Editor’s note: Join the United States Association of Blind Athletes for National Blind Sports Week (Sept. 28-Oct. 3), a six-day virtual experience focused on participation and awareness of sports and opportunities available to athletes who are blind or low vision. The week culminates with the 3rd annual National Blind Sports Day on Saturday, Oct. 3. Today on … Continued

Transitions: National Disability Employment Awareness Month: Denna Lambert’s 19 Years at NASA

FC Editor’s note: October is National Disability Employment Awareness Month! Let’s meet Denna Lambert, blind since birth, who has worked for NASA for nineteen years and counting. National Disability Employment Awareness Month: Denna Lambert’s 19 Years at NASA Denna Lambert started her career at NASA 19 years ago, and it all began with her taking … Continued

Transitions: APH Huntington: A Program to Enhance Resources and Outcomes for a Rural Area

Editor’s note: APH Huntington recognizes the barriers to accessing services for those who are blind or low vision living in rural communities. Lee Huffman, APH Huntington’s Senior Strategist of Accessible Technology and Community Outreach, shares that one of APH Huntington’s aims is to provide hands-on training, discussions, and services throughout the rural community of Huntington, … Continued

Transitions: High School Clubs Can Improve Your School Experience: A Teen Reflects

Editor’s note: High school student, Gabby Abeyta, reflects on her school experience improving after beginning to participate in academic and extracurricular activities and clubs. Gabby also shares tips and accommodations for participating in clubs as an individual who is blind or low vision.   _________________________   High School Clubs Can Improve Your School Experience: A Teen Reflects  … Continued

Transitions: Five Orientation and Mobility (O&M) Skills to “Pack” for College Life 

FC Editor’s note: If your child is heading off to college or other post-secondary education in the fall, they can utilize the advice of orientation and mobility specialist, Amanda Bernath. Read on to learn what O&M skills they can “pack” for their big transition!  It’s here again –summer! Many students are excitedly anticipating and planning … Continued

Transitions: Navigating College Is Easier with Envision’s College Success Program 

Editor’s note: Parents of children who are blind or low vision, is your child preparing for college or other post-secondary education? You can introduce your child to Envision College Success Program’s all-virtual, holistic support system. Read on to learn more about the program and all it offers.  Let’s face it—navigating college (from the application process … Continued

Meet Satauna Howery: Voice Actor and Small Business Owner Who is Blind

Editor’s note: Is your child or young adult interested in voice acting? Meet Satauna Howery, a voice actor who is blind, and hear her advice to others who are blind or low vision who are interested in a career in the industry.   Hold on to your hats and be prepared to be wowed! You’re about … Continued