Unexpected Surprises

From the beginning of our journey with Eddie, we quickly learned about unexpected surprises. As with most parents finding out their child was blind from birth, it was certainly something we didn’t see coming. Along the way, we have also learned that surprises come in all forms, good and bad, and that sometimes the bad surprises turn out to be good later on. Maybe most importantly, we learn that life is never in our control, and we must have faith or an understanding about that simple truth.

The last few weeks, I think I’ve had my fair share of unexpected surprises. Due to being a perpetual student, I took two summer classes that were about law and finance as it pertains to education. I expected them to be extremely dull and a complete drag to attend during summer. Surprisingly, I found them highly interesting, and with the help of some extreme participation from classmates, enjoyed them immensely.

Yet another surprise occurred as I prepared for class one day. While taking a shower, I reached to grab my conditioner and a frog was happily perched on top. Thinking it was a toy, I went to grab it and…nope…not a toy. After it turned to look my way, I screamed like a toddler for my husband and ran for drier land. I never thought of myself as afraid of critters, but being in such a confined space with such an unpredictable creature proved me wrong.

The next surprise took place as I was trying to build up some good karma. I went to donate blood, which I have done many times. Post donation, I sat and had a donut, drank my required juice, and felt good as always. It was my husband’s birthday, so I thought I’d take a little stroll and find him a last minute gift. Well wandering downtown through a semi-big city, I passed out cold on the sidewalk. Luckily, I did feel it coming, so I was closer to the ground when I went down. After being out for about a minute, I surprisingly awoke to find a good Samaritan at my side, and my purse still in view.

I was surprised again when I got a disappointing phone call this week. I had anticipated a pretty substantial opportunity for the past few months, and it simply didn’t come to fruition. Since I am used to life not going as planned, which I completely thank Eddie for, I’m already looking forward to future opportunities and adjusting my plans accordingly.

eddie at the fireworks, plugging his ears, but grinning

I’d say the greatest surprise of summer so far was related to the 4th of July. We spend every year at home, or with a few close friends, because we never know how Eddie will handle the loud aspects of the holiday. Every year, he often finds a quiet, confined space and enjoys the festivities from afar. We don’t do the major firework displays because of the crowds and the lack of a quick escape.

Well, this year we were surprised to find that Eddie loved the fireworks. As you can see by this picture, he still isn’t ready to let his ears go, but there is no mistaking that grin. With each loud obnoxious whistle, he giggled with delight. I guess it is another sign that we never really know what surprises are in store for us. Personally, I think everybody needs to be surprised now and again. To know that life is out of our hands and to simply remind us to accept and find the good in whatever comes our way.