Emily and her family Shoe shopping with young ones…oh, the joy! Trying to find shoes for little feet is very complicated, especially when they have to be just the right color, or the right character, or they need lights, or wheels, or plain…oh yeah, and Mom says they have to be the right size, too. Good grief.

All the gadgets is certainly not a problem for Eddie, he doesn’t care. However, my dear son does have foot orthotics so I have to buy him a shoes 2-4 sizes too big, they have to be wide, and then I immediately rip out the insole and cut off the tongue sometimes. It seems wrong to take a new pair of shoes out of the box and then dissect them, but this is usually what is required.

After getting fitted for new orthotics today, we made a dash to Target with his 2-year-old sister, CC, in tow. Picture this…I have him sitting on the floor, surrounded by shoes in multiple sizes, while he is complaining as loud as he can to stop this “foot-torture.” In the mean time, CC is sitting in the cart, complaining as loud as she can, yelling, “Out…out…out…out…out!!!” Doesn’t she understand that the whole purpose of the cart is containment? Possibly…

So, after 1/2 hour of subjecting the Target shoppers to our family symphonics, I pick out the EXACT same shoes he had with his last orthotics, just a size bigger. Yes, my husband asked for a different shoe this time, and yes, he did offer to take Eddie shoe shopping, and yes, due to my control issues I didn’t let hime. Well, honey, next time this job is all yours!