Music Class Part II

I knew Eddie was going to have an “on” day from the moment he got up this morning. He crawled into our bedroom and then stood up next to the bed. As he was climbing into our bed (which he sometimes does) he said “I love you.” Instantly I was ecstatic because he had never said that to me directly. However, being the “turkey” that he sometimes is my excitement was quickly diminished a bit. After waiting long enough for me to be thrilled, Eddie quickly added…“Daddy.” Of course.

Since I knew this was going to be a great language day, I was ready to take him to another music class. For those of you who read my previous post about the infamous “head-butting” incident in music class, you can understand why I was a little anxious to go back. Luckily, the music teacher had agreed to some private sessions with Eddie for a while until he adjusted to the music program and classroom.

Today was to be his first private session, which would only be thirty minutes. I hoped that Eddie would be cooperative and enjoy at least half of the class. Well, that little “turkey” exceeded all my expectations. He was extremely attentive and willingly participated in all the activities.

Eddie has great rhythm, which he rarely uses while listening to a song, but instead “drums” on his own. Today he kept beat right along with the music. The teacher started singing specific tones and while I tried to mimic her, unsuccessfully, Eddie was patiently listening. The second time through the tones he took over for me and with great success. I had rarely seen him respond so quickly to an activity. His language, reciprocal play, and attentiveness were supreme.

What a great success! I am so glad I continued to pursue the music lessons even though last time I left highly embarrassed and sort of upset. This was a fun activity for Eddie and Mom that could offer him great benefits. Eventually, I’m sure he’ll be able to join back up with the class. It is frustrating that he can’t enjoy all the extra-curricular activities his sisters do, so finding something like this class for us both to participate in is truly outstanding.