Just the Beginning

Emily and her family Introductions…I am the mother of three children. I have two girls with a boy in the middle. My son would be the “Special Needs Child” I’ll be most often referring to; he is five years old, loves music, has a great laugh, was born blind, and also is developmentally delayed as a result of??? He has autistic tendencies, but an autism diagnosis has not been given officially.

The reason for this blog…I often feel the need to complain or even to get excited about parenting my son, Eddie. What I’ve found is that it is really hard to share these sentiments with people who aren’t in my unique situation. EVERY parenting situation is unique, but not everyone understands medication mishaps resulting in multiple diaper leaks from your 5-year-old son. Most five-year-olds don’t even wear diapers let alone need medication. (There was a little insight to my morning.)

A good friend of mine has a great blog where she shares the joy and pain of raising a toddler, which is why I decided to start writing about my husband and I, Eddie, and our other two children. This will hopefully be therapeutic for me without having to family and friends every time I need to vent…or cheer. Of course, I’ll still do that too, but it is nice to share without receiving immediate feedback or sometimes pity. Pity I can do without and it doesn’t make me feel better. This will be my place to share, and maybe pity myself a little, but mostly to provide insight into my regular, somewhat unique, life.