Choice Words

Emily and her family Meaningful words have been few and far between for our son, Eddie. He literally can sing hundreds of songs, but has yet to put together language for functional purposes until recently. Over the past six months, we have began hearing words that are direct requests from him and are giving us the first look into not only his needs, but also the things he really likes. What we have come to realize, is this boy really loves food.

Our early-rising son likes to get up between 4:00 and 5:00am and work his way to the side of our bed. He sits down there on the floor and a cascade of food requests pour out from his newly found vocabulary. To us, this is solid gold:

“pancakes”…”cookies”…”pancakes”…”crackers”…”pancakes”…”banana bread”…etc.

As you can see, “pancakes” is his favorite word and food. After he is told (politely) that he should keep dreaming if he thinks we’re getting up at 4:00 to make pancakes he solidly requests, “drink of water.” There you go, Eddie, we can definitely get up for that (because we’ll be back in bed in less than 1 minute).

Happily, he moves on to find more toys to play with, we go back to sleep, and almost exactly one hour later (curious that he can eat one hour after his first morning pill and “drink of water”)…we hear coming from the side of our bed…”pancakes.” Of course.