Calling All Gift Ideas

How is it already December…again?!? Yep, it is the holiday season, which means many of us are purchasing presents for our children with visual impairments. I have searched high and low for the perfect gifts for my unique child, and have instead come up with some options that will work, but may not be absolutely perfect.

I have stocked up on some new clothes, a few braille books, and sensory-stimulating devices. I have gone to my stand-by resources for children who are blind like the National Braille Press, Seedlings, and Future Aids. I even found some good buys on Black Friday. (Yes, I was a crazy person wondering the mall at 2:30 in the morning.) Sadly, I have yet to hear of a fantastic option for my blind, autistic son that he probably just couldn’t live without.

So, as a plea for assistance, and for the assistance of others also searching for the perfect holiday gifts…Help! Please, tell me (us) what you found to give your adorable child this season. Did you find a great buy? (Since I didn’t win the Powerball jackpot, I could use a deal.) Did you find a unique gift that you can’t wait for them to open?

Please share your ideas, so the rest of us can use them to make our holidays remarkable for our children with visual impairments. There is pressure to not only pick a gift from ourselves, but the grandparents need ideas, too! By sharing, we can certainly expand our options.

As a final note…I feel I must make this comment every year. Don’t forget to take your toys out of the packages before wrapping them. For our children who are blind, working that hard to remove paper to end up with plastic and cardboard just isn’t fair. Give them the gift of not having to then tackle packaging. As we all know, it can take hours to free those toys from their plastic prisons.

Thank you in advance for your fantastic gift ideas. Happy shopping!