Susan Harper and her family

What a spring this has been, especially after the winter that wasn’t. Spring to me is always like unwrapping a new package. I just never know what is going to be in it. I feel the same way about learning. Each year is like unwrapping a package. Vinnie is always surprising me. We do the same old things, adding on new things, which build on what we have already learned. We try some new things too. I always find joy in those new accomplishments.

We have some changes coming. I never like those. Most of us prefer what we know, that which is comfortable. I like a predictable routine.

Vinnie turns 10. Adolescence is coming. He is growing taller. He no longer looks like a little boy. He is growing into a young man. He will be a tween. There are challenges in how to handle those changes for any child. There are questions. How will my son handle relationships? Will he have peers? Will he have a job? Will he live independently? How can I teach him everything he should know? How will I manage it all? Probably like the other children who came before in this family, with one step at a time. Sometimes it is too scary to look further than the next step.

We are changing O&M instructors. No word on who will take over in June. I have asked for some overlap to provide transition. No word on that yet. At the same time, because of our rural area, we have no choice in who it will be. This past year is the first time we’ve had a regular, consistent person who was here week after week and open to working goals together.

This year Vinnie transitioned from reading Tac-Tiles to reading Braille on paper. He completed all of “Patterns Kindergarten Braille” and has started BOP Grade 1. He can read and write math sentences and even read Nemeth numbers. He learned to use a number line, count by 2s, 5s, 10s, 25s, and is able to identify and count coins. Vinnie uses the State Library book reader and choose his own books by reading the titles. He has definite favorites! Being able to read the Braille under his fingers has opened up a whole new world. He even learned how to ride on the school bus with his O&M. But I’m still afraid some days that we won’t get it all in. But in the meantime……

WOW, look at what we’ve accomplished!