We’re on Facebook!

Susan LaVentureWe’ve recently been diving into the world of social media by conducting focus groups on the additional social-networking features parents would like to see added to FamilyConnect. In the coming year, we will be adding tools that allow you to connect more closely with the people you have met on the FamilyConnect message boards, and to meet new people who share your situation and daily concerns.

In that same spirit, we’ve now joined Facebook. If you already have a Facebook account, we hope you will find this a useful way of getting news from FamilyConnect and communicating with us, too. Please consider becoming a “fan” of FamilyConnect on Facebook! And please use the comments section below to tell us what other social networking sites you use, and what features you would most like to see on FamilyConnect.

Whenever you see a post about FamilyConnect in your Facebook News Feed, please use the “Like” button if you enjoyed the post, or “Comment” on it to allow more people to see the update and generate conversation. Also, make sure to use the “Share” feature to ask others to join the FamilyConnect fan page. We want to spread the word about the great support and ideas that FamilyConnect offers, and would love your help.

Thank you for continuing to make FamilyConnect such a vibrant and supportive community!