Teaching Financial Literacy to Our Children with Visual Impairments

piggy bank surrounded by coins

We know teaching our children to earn and wisely manage money is important, but how do you teach financial literacy to children with visual impairments?

Here’s how:

  1. Openly discuss finances with your child.
  2. Allow your child to practice earning and managing a small allowance.
  3. Involve your child in your family’s saving and spending opportunities.
  4. Work with your child’s TVI to address accommodations related to vision loss.

To assist you on your journey, utilize the following money management resources:

  • Find age-appropriate financial literacy activities and conversation starters for your son or daughter using Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s Money As You Grow website.
  • Utilize teaching tools and parental guides for helping your child develop into a financially responsible adult within The Mint’s It Makes Perfect Cents website.
  • Read AFB’s VisionAware Money Identification article to learn how adults with vision loss distinguish their dollar bills and coins.
  • Gather instructional activities from APH CareerConnect’s Money Management lesson series. The lessons cover budgeting; setting long- and short- term financial goals; understanding the banking system; reducing and eliminating debt; investing into the stock and bond markets; and giving responsibly.
  • Read U.S. Bank’s article and Braille Work’s article to learn what accessible banking entails.

What advice and resources would you provide to parents beginning their journey of educating their visually impaired child in money management?