Photos and Video From Space Camp: Day Three

Scott TruaxSleeping in the bunks is getting easier every night, as everybody gets used to Hab One.

The exterior of Habitat One, where Space Camp students sleep

Exterior of Hab One

The second runthrough of the space shuttle simulator mission went much better and the students are hoping to have it totally down next time.

camper reads a large print manual during the space shuttle simulation

A camper reviews the large print manual during the space shuttle mission

The Aviation Challenge involves learning how to be a team and work on survival in the woods, including how to build a fire from scratch. Training includes search and rescue in the woods for downed pilots. The campers also learn escape and evasion techniques for downed pilots, marching in formation, protecting the aircraft, and learning how to be a team. They’re in their camouflage at meals, sitting with their teams, and at the end of each meal they leap up and yell, “Sir, yes, sir, we’re ready to rock!” Getting off the bus, everyone shouts, “Thank you for the ride, ma’am!” in unison, and then marches off together.

After all this activity, everybody thoroughly enjoyed a swim break, even in the cold, cold lake.

space camp students swimming in the cold, cold lake

Break time!

WAAY-TV visited camp yesterday and they got some great footage of the activities and talked to several of the campers about their experience so far. Visit the SCI-VIS Space Camp website for more details about this great program.