Parker Moore, FamilyConnect Youth, Becomes a Star on YouTube!

The talented and confident 11 year old young lady Parker Moore has become a star on YouTube! Parker’s video interview that is featured on FamilyConnect has been picked up on YouTube and she has received over 800 hits (and counting) with a five-star rating!

Parker has been blind since birth from a rare eye disease called Optic Nerve Hypoplasia. She is now an energetic and imaginative child who enjoys life to the fullest through her acting on stage, singing, and learning at the Arkansas School for the Blind. Parker’s advice to parents in raising their children who are blind is “Don’t worry about them, just treat them like normal kids.” Bravo to her mom, Shelli Moore, who has provided her with great parenting. I know that your family’s story and example will be of great encouragement and hope for those parents and kids who may be struggling at times when coping adjusting to blindness. Please check their story out and share with other families you may know. Also we, at FamilyConnect, would like to hear from you about your family stories. What a great way to show off your kids!