Oodles of Resources for Equipping Your Teenager Who Is Blind or Visually Impaired for Successful Employment

Shannon Carollo

Because sometimes you just want to say words like “oodles” to lighten the mood. And the rest of the time you aim to finish laundry, serve a tasty- enough meal, and supply your teenager with information and resources to succeed as a future employee who is blind or visually impaired. While FamilyConnect can’t help you wash and fold, and can’t whip up and serve foodstuff, we will gladly hand you a list of 5 employment resources for you to work through alongside your adolescent.

Open the links below and explore with your teen. It will be time and energy well spent; I promise.

  1. Encourage your teenager to investigate APH CareerConnect’s What Do You Want to be When You Grow Up? section. She’ll find a collection of articles, accessible videos, and tools designed to inform teens with visual impairments about valuable college and work-related topics such as “Funding Your Education”, “Do Employers Care if You Have Blue Hair”, and “Technology: The Tool that Equalizes”.
  2. Your high schooler can take full advantage of CareerConnect’s virtual career exploration and job-seeking skills training course, the Job Seeker’s Toolkit. Did I mention it’s accessible and free of charge?
  3. As your growing child identifies her career interests, she will undoubtedly grapple with questions such as, “How does someone with a visual impairment access this particular career field?” The good news is that you, parent, don’t have to have all the answers. Get your teen in touch with an individual who is also visually impaired and working in the field of interest. Have your daughter post her questions on the AFB Work Life Message Boards and urge her to seek a CareerConnect mentor.
  4. This post has a heavy emphasis on training your teen to obtain a job; I don’t want to neglect the topic of succeeding on the job. Peruse FamilyConnect’s Success at Work for Young People with Visual Impairments article which outlines the framework for maintaining and advancing in employment.
  5. We recognize parents as the most valuable teachers; hence, you may want to access and glean from the CareerConnect Lesson Plans section. Gain insight and ideas for empowering your teen with leadership skills, problem solving techniques, money management, stress management, and assertiveness training. Might I add, you’ll find a new lesson plan series entitled: Using FamilyConnect to Prepare Your Teen for Transition.

Thank you, parents, for investing in your children. When you encounter particular challenges or frustrations, reach out to the members of this rich community via the FamilyConnect message boards. We want to serve and encourage you through your journey. Hey, we’ll also supply the resources.