NPR News You Should Know About

boy wearing glasses touching an iPad

Sometimes it seems like it is impossible to keep up in our ever-changing world. Today I have come across two articles on NPR that deal with special education. Both are worth reading. The first involves the very fast-paced world of technology: iPads in Special Ed: What Does the Research Say? Today everywhere you go you see people with iPads. These portable devices are providing amazing opportunities in education and are fast becoming a tool for accessibility, especially for children who are visually impaired, because of built-in features like Voiceover. This NPR article discusses how the iPad is being used in a variety of special education settings.

NPR also has an article that brings up the important discussion of words and labels, with an emphasis on how the language we use is always evolving. At one point “handicapped” was an appropriate word but now “disability” is what is preferred. The article brings up important points about language shaping perception and sensitivity. I am very happy to see NPR providing us with such interesting articles. Have you had a chance to read them? What did you think?