LA Times Features Blind High School Runner

High school senior Alyssa Rossi’s story was recently featured in the LA Times. Alyssa, blind since birth, is able to fully compete on her high school track team with teamwork by her track mates. Teammates take turns being a sighted guide by tying a belt connected to the waists. This is just one example of a technique for blind athletes to participate in track. More techniques can be found in an article on AFB’s website, Tips for Runners with Visual Impairments, such as guidence for giving verbal direction, instructions for sighted guides, and running with a tether.

It’s important for blind or visually impaired youth and young adults to have the option to compete in athletics and to be recreationally active rather than be discouraged. Oftentimes it takes thinking creatively of how to make accommodations for them to participate. You can also find other ideas in these audio interviews about ways parents can encourage their child’s recreational skills.

Let’s get some dialogue going on this topic—please share ways your child has been able to participate in recreational activities with your family and friends and competing in sports that the public typically does not foresee.