I’ve Learned to Be Thankful Through Life’s Surprises

Susan LaVentureI’ve been thinking back on my time as a young mum, just starting out on life’s path as a responsible grownup. I was looking to do all the right things in having a family and a plan for the future. My son’s diagnosis with an infant eye cancer gave me one of my first lessons that life is full of surprises and no one really knows what will happen each day and into the future.

At this period of time I was in extreme grief and shock. I remember when his ophthalmologist was explaining to me the treatment regimen that would last intensively throughout his childhood; I was feeling that our family’s lives had been turned upside down from any plans for the future that we may have expected.

As life has shown itself to my son Alex and his siblings, I would never have imagined what the future would hold. Alex has had an extraordinary life and lives life to the fullest. Through my son I have learned to appreciate life and its surprises—the ups and downs that we never expect, and all the different experiences and emotions that life holds.

Wishing you and your family the best throughout your lifetime, through the challenges and the joys!