Having Fun During Free Time with Our Kids Who Are Visually Impaired

Susan LaVentureAt a recent NAPVI conference, we had a great discussion about ways to keep your child interested and engaged during longer periods of free time like weekends or vacation. I think we’ve all experienced that moment when everyone starts getting a little stir-crazy.

The parents attending the panel discussion had some great ideas about how to remind their children about all of the great options they have, and encourage them to make their own choices. After the conference, I asked two parents to write down their own perspectives on what has worked well for their families, so that we could share them with the FamilyConnect community.

What works best for you and your kids? We hope you’ll add your voice to the conversation by adding comments on this post, or even by sending us your own “parent’s perspective.” You can submit pieces for publication on FamilyConnect by sending a Word document to familyconnect@afb.net.