Happy New Year!

Susan LaVentureFrom time to time I invite guest bloggers who are also parents of children with visual impairments to express what their experiences have been. I hope that “A Parent’s Voice” can be a forum where we can all interact with each other.

I am very pleased to introduce you to Maribel Montes, whose son has aniridia. Many of you may know her already from her posts on the FamilyConnect message boards as a parent coordinator. Thank you, Maribel, for being a vital part of the FamilyConnect team!

Maribel and son Dear friends and family of FamilyConnect.org,

My name is Maribel Montes and I reside in NYC with my family. Our son, John Alexander, is visually impaired and we have had the good fortune to have met so many wonderful families since our journey began as a family with a child who was born with aniridia.

Through active participation and volunteering for NAPVI (the National Association for Parents of Children with Visual Impairments), I am fortunate to be the current Parent Coordinator for www.FamilyConnect.org, NAPVI’s and AFB’s (American Foundation for the Blind) joint website. I wanted to take the time to send a special thank you and wish you a Very Happy New Year.

Thank you for a wonderful show of support in 2010! For becoming members and returning as existing members. For taking advantage of the wonderful resources and activities offered though FamilyConnect. For sharing your stories and helpful insight to other parents and/or guardians looking for comfort. Thank you for offering support and knowledge of your own experiences and for allowing us the opportunity to connect.

We look forward to writing with all of you in 2011. If you are on Facebook, be sure to follow FamilyConnect there and encourage your friends to like it, too. It’s another great way to keep up with news from FamilyConnect.

We look forward as well to new opportunities in the coming year that will allow us to reach and enroll more members and continue to grow as a community with our families and supportive partners.

May the New Year bring good wishes to you all…