Happy Father’s Day; Fathers Are Key

Oftentimes mothers are seen as the primary caregiver for children, and even more so when the child has a disability. But it is important for dads to be equal partners with mothers in providing support to their blind child. This Father’s Day we acknowledge the important role of fathers and the influence they can have in working with their children to reach their full potential.

Fathers have also played a key role with the development and direction of the National Association for Parents of Children with Visual Impairments (NAPVI) by serving on the national board, leading the development of statewide affiliate parents’ associations, and influencing educational and medical policies affecting children on the national level in Washington, DC! Currently NAPVI’s President is a father of a visually impaired son living in North Dakota, Doug Halverson. He is a strong advocate and a loving father and NAPVI is fortunate to have him serving on our national board of directors.

As I look at the message boards on FamilyConnect, I most often see moms talking to each other; I encourage more dads to join in the conversation, which will certainly enrich the dialogue. I look forward to hearing your insights.

Happy Father’s Day!