Happy Birthday, Louis Braille!

In honor of what would have been Louis Braille’s 205th birthday, we asked parents and educators to reflect on the importance of his braille code in their children’s lives.

No matter your child’s age, visual acuity, or stage of development, FamilyConnect has articles on everything from the basics of braille, to Helping Your Blind or Visually Impaired Baby Learn about Reading and Writing to Reading and Making Tactile Books with Your Child and more.

Visit AFB's Braille Bug® siteYou can learn more about braille on the AFB site, and explore early photographs, engravings, and illustrations from books preserved in the American Foundation for the Blind’s Archives and Rare Book Collection in the online Louis Braille museum. And don’t forget our favorite kid-friendly resource, the Braille Bug®!

What does braille mean to you? Has your child been learning the braille code, or finding another route to literacy?