Hand in Hand, FamilyConnect, WonderBaby and You Can Increase #CVIawareness

  Two visually impaired preschoolers play with brightly colored stacking rings on a light table. Photo courtesy of Anchor Center for Blind Children, Denver, CO

This week, we’re taking social media by storm.

FamilyConnect, WonderBaby, and you will shine the light on Cerebral Visual Impairment (CVI); we’ll draw attention to what it is, discuss misconceptions, offer resources, provide encouragement to fellow parents, and share our children’s stories.

Here’s how it works: Impart your knowledge, experience, and/or child’s picture pertaining to CVI on social media and use the hashtag #CVIawareness.

Let’s spread the word. Let’s expand understanding. Let’s support each other.

Let’s increase #CVIawareness.