FamilyConnect Named a “2008 Outstanding Product” in the iParenting Media Awards

AFB and NAPVI are proud to announce that FamilyConnect has been named a “2008 Outstanding Product” in the iParenting Media Awards. The iParenting Media Award is something parents look for when choosing quality products and resources for their family. It is a real privilege for FamilyConnect to be recognized as a vital resource for parents of visually impaired children. The Awards, overseen by iParenting Media, part of the Disney Internet Group, provide a credible and objective method of determining the best products available on the market for families.

I am proud of the efforts of a web team that has worked hard over the past two years to develop a website with such high quality and standards. We have only launched as of a few months ago and FamilyConnect is already being recognized as a central resource for families. But I feel that what really makes FamilyConnect unique and outstanding is our parent-to-parent community that is the life behind the product—it is the responses and interaction through the message boards and blogs between parents and your willingness to share your families’ stories of successes, trials, and errors that make FamilyConnect such a go-to place.

We want to keep hearing from you—so stay connected! It is important that our parents’ community stays engaged and is there to receive new families that will be finding our site for the first time and that have previously been isolated within their local communities.

Oftentimes the local medical and educational services parents come into initial contact with upon their child’s diagnosis do not have specialized knowledge about visual impairments or understand its impact on the child and their family. As FamilyConnect continues to expand and grow we will be reaching more and more families that need our support. Keep up the good work and congratulations to everyone involved in making FamilyConnect such a lively and essential resource!