Dancing Dots and Summer Music Academy, Take 3

I am pleased to post information about a great camp located in Northern California. For many of you it is far away but it is always nice to learn what is happening accross the country.

By Bill McCann

Next month, I’ll once again be heading out to northern California to lead our third annual Summer Music Academy session at the Enchanted Hills Camp near Napa. This year, we’ve extended the session to run for ten days: a week at Enchanted Hills Camp in the mountains above Napa, California, followed by three days of cultural events, presentations and our closing performance at the new headquarters of the San Francisco Lighthouse, sponsor of the Summer Music Academy.

I’m looking forward to spending ten days with a group of young, visually impaired musicians who have a passion for playing, composing, arranging and recording music. What a great experience it has been for me during our first two summer sessions to introduce motivated young musicians to reading music in braille or magnified print. It’s gratifying to see how, during our music academy session, they begin to make the connection between improved literacy and technology skills that naturally lead to new opportunities for creative self-expression, educational advancement, and possibly even a career path in music.

Although our camp is not at all a traditional music performance camp, most of the participants are natural performers. This year, we plan three shows: Napa, August 5, EHC on August 6, and at the San Francisco Lighthouse on August 9 at 5:30. In addition to solo and small group performances, our EHC Summer Music Academy chorus will sing while reading braille or large print scores. I’m personally excited to teach the chorus a new song I have written inspired by the Google Car. I’m also looking forward to jumping back into the pool up there, breathing in the cool morning air of Mount Veeder, sitting under one of those enchanted redwood trees and enjoying some of the most peaceful sleep of the year. And, when we get to the city, we’re going to hear one of my new favorite bands in concert. Yes, indeed: Snarky Puppy!

BTW, we have not yet hit our target number of attendees. It’s not too late to join in but it will be very soon. Here’s a link to a page with more information and directions on how to apply. Music Academy