Constructing a Brighter Future: Quarantine-Friendly Resources for Families With a Blind or Visually Impaired Child

An upset child is sitting on the step in front of their home. The child is holding their head in their hands and resting their forehead on their knees.

Yes, we’re all over and done with this trying season. Even so, take a deep breath and join me in considering how we can make something beautiful out of it.

While many are working longer hours, many others still find themselves with unaccounted for hours in their days. If this is you, maybe you’ve had the opportunity to tackle a project, increase quality time with the family, read a novel, start an at-home exercise program, or hone a skill. Even if for only a few minutes a day, I hope this is the case!

But have you considered using this COVID season to assist your child in developing skills that will increase your child’s independence?

If you’re feeling ill-prepared to do so, resources are available to guide and encourage you.

Let’s take a look at a few resources which can better equip you to teach specific skills and resources providing direct instruction to older children or teens:

This season may be tremendously difficult, but we can make the most of extra time to help our children build the skills they need for greater independence in the future.