Braille for Children’s Clothing

I wanted you to know about a parent who has created a solution for helping her child be independent while dressing. Gracie Benedith has created these items and sent me the pictures and descriptions.

Gracie holding child's shirt

As a mother of a legally blind child, I saw the struggles that my son had to deal with getting dressed every single morning. My husband and I had to get up earlier to assist him with his clothes while trying to teach him how to get dressed independently. I suddenly had an epiphany to start a clothing line for blind and visually impaired people called Braille Code! Why not have a clothing line that they can call their own?

I designed this line with style that would appeal exclusively to the blind and visually impaired. Braille Code consists of:

  • Polo shirts with my three blind mice or Braille Code logo with the braille back patch,
  • Button-down shirts and blouses with braille number patches (inside) on each side for correct buttoning,
  • T-Shirts with logos and back patches,
  • Socks with back patches,
  • Baseball caps with Braille Code logos,
  • Right and Left adhesive patches to adhere to the inner tongue of any and every shoe to put on correctly!
Gracie's son with basketball wearing one of her shirts braille labels for children's clothes braille labels for socks and shoes braille labels in shoes for right and left right and left adhesive patches in braille

All these items will assist children to get dressed more efficiently and independently! Although the line appeals to children, this brand can also assist adults who may have been dressing themselves for years to put on button-down shirts, socks and footwear correctly to save time on getting ready and walking out the door on time.

My goal is to give parents like me a way to help/give our children a sense of pride, independence, and acceptance of who they are with style!

You may contact me at if you would like more information.