Blind Teens Featured on Nick News with Linda Ellerbee

Scott TruaxDid you get a chance to watch Nickelodeon last night with the Nick News feature on several kids who are blind? I was very impressed with the opinions that the six children with a wide variety in background and interests shared with the audience. They expressed positive messages about their life and schooling, and all have great plans for their future.

Note: The Nick News “Out of Sight” Episode is now available online.

Xin Ju is a young girl from Wisconsin who runs around her house and playground with her sister. She reflected on what her answer is to kids who ask what darkness is to her.

Santiago is a teenager who lost his vision and now writes computer programs to assist with using his computer while also learning what color his clothes are with his iPhone.

Brittany is a teenager from California who can see a little bit and finds that at times it makes it harder for her to get help when she needs it.

The things they wrestled with are not that different from most teens—including getting along with their peers and doing their homework—but they did a great job of conveying how their visual impairment put a twist on doing things in their world.

I hope you watched it and if not, look for it to be repeated. The episode is also available for free on iTunes.

What I appreciated was their different views on being blind in a sighted world, but all with such a positive attitude about life. Did you see it, too? What did you think?