Being Organized Helps Prepare Parents of Children Who are Blind or Visually Impaired

Every fall the circus returns. It can become the major focus of many families for years. The entry parade is exciting, noisy, confusing, long, and a little bit scary. As the circus gets underway each act takes the breath away. The jugglers handle too many things all at once, trying not to drop anything. The crazy fire eaters swallow amazing amounts of strange things, the clowns (who aren’t really funny) are distracting, and the elephants incredibly perch on a tiny surface while balancing on only one foot. And all the while the high wire acts have people suspended frighteningly high above and acrobats swinging through the air desperate to catch hold of support. It is all just a little bit crazy and looks out of control.

It is fall and our circus is here again. The parade of meetings, appointments, tests, assessments, new diagnoses, recommendations, teaching sessions, and classes are lining up as another new teaching year begins. Families juggle, swallow lots of information, and balance one way or another. Each ‘act’ is essential to their child’s future and well-being. But the whole situation, if not handled carefully, can be crazy.

How can a family remain in control, like the Ringmaster in a circus, so that they maintain balance and don’t miss any important opportunities and keep from feeling crazy? Please read how you can PREPARE.