Back to School Tips for Parents of Children Who Are Blind or Visually Impaired

children getting on a yellow schoolbus

Can it be true? Is it really time for back to school? It seems like the summer just started and here we are at the start of another school year. I hope you all were able to use some of the tips on the summertime activity posts we did on our summertime blog party with the website WonderBaby and all the bloggers who shared their posts. We hope to have more parties in the future as a way to share resources and ideas on important topics.

In the next several weeks we will post blog entries on topics for back to school including:

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Have you done your homework for the school year or have questions about the educational process? We have articles covering a wide range of topics in our Education section, including:

How can we possibly keep up with rapidly changing world of technology? We have help for you starting with our very own AccessWorld® Magazine. The July issue is devoted to back-to-school topics. Did you know you can sign up and receive email alerts when there is a new issue? Better yet, head to your phone app store and download the free AccessWorld® app. This will be a good way to keep up and make informed choices.

Need to get up to speed on technology? FamilyConnect has a section for Assistive Technology and it contains an article that will give you an overview to get you started.

We hope you use the many resources that are available to you to help ease your child’s transition back into school. How to fill the suddenly “quiet” home with activity will be your next challenge.