An Introduction to Your Child’s Specific Eye Condition

You are told your child may have a visual impairment; your world halts. You are left with questions and an emotional roller-coaster.

You want to know:

  • A description of the possible eye condition
  • How it is diagnosed
  • If there are treatments
  • How it affects one’s eyesight
  • How one functions with this eye condition
  • Resources for families

Where to Turn

child at an eye exam

If this describes you, it’s time to visit AFB FamilyConnect to browse by eye condition. We updated this section from basic definitions of the most common eye conditions to an in-depth look at the most common eye conditions. Our goal was to answer the above questions.

Next, you’ll want to read After the Diagnosis: For Parents of Child Just Diagnosed with Blindness. You’ll learn how to work with your child’s medical professionals and how to adapt your home; you’ll receive an overview of services for children with visual impairments and a list of helpful products and toys; and lastly, you’ll read success stories of those living well with vision loss.

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