AFB FamilyConnect Message Boards: Why and How to Use Them

You already know, blindness and visual impairments are low incidence disabilities. Most likely, you, parents and family members of babies, children, and teens with vision loss, are undertaking the parenting journey alongside few other (or no other) parents of children with vision loss. As such, I want to make you aware of one avenue to support and connect with each other: AFB FamilyConnect’s Message Boards.

Emily Coleman and her husband and children

Why They’re Useful

You have questions. Perhaps some include: Whether or not your child with low vision should be receiving blindness services, the relevance of braille for your child, and how to prevent bullying a child who is blind.

You have suggestions. Maybe you have an Orientation and Mobility resource, a good motivator for your child who refuses the cane, or homeschooling advice.

The FamilyConnect message boards provide a place for your questions and suggestions. You’ll find listening ears and supportive words; you’ll also be a listening ear and share supportive words to other parents of children who are blind or visually impaired.

How to Use Them

You’ll need to be a registered member of FamilyConnect; sign up for free.

Once on the FamilyConnect message board, you can utilize the most appropriate forum. The forums include:

After selecting the most appropriate forum for your question or suggestion, scroll to the end of the page to add a new comment. You can also browse the comments and questions and join the existing conversations!

If any message board is particularly relevant to you, subscribe to the board (the link is found on the right of the page), and you’ll receive an email notification as the board is utilized. Don’t worry, you can stop tracking the board at any time.

Join the conversations; be the community.