10 Ways to Keep the Dust off the Video Magnifier (CCTV) This Summer for Children and Teens with Visual Impairments

Students often use video magnifiers or Closed-Circuit Televisions with magnification (CCTV) to complete homework and classwork during the school year. Summer CCTV-use is often a drastically different story! Here’s to transforming the norm and avoiding the summer assistive technology regression!

If your child has access to a CCTV at home or the local library, here are a few creative uses for the device:

  1. Lego directions—invite your child to “help you” build a Lego masterpiece.
  2. Word searches or Sudoku puzzles—a blistering hot afternoon calls for an indoor puzzle.
  3. Look and find books or “I Spy” sheets—if your child wakes up [way too] early, have him start the day with independent play.
  4. Recipes—whether you’re increasing kitchen independence in your preschooler or enlisting the assistance of your master chef teen, ask your child to help review the recipe images or read the recipe.
  5. Beading craft—whether for a birthday party gift or a friendship bracelet for a neighborhood friend, jewelry can be a fun creation under the CCTV.
  6. Coloring books—I foresee a fun coloring session for you and your child. Remember, adult coloring books are quite popular!
  7. Pokemon cards—it’s hard to believe Pokemon is once again immensely popular. Take advantage and read the print with a video magnifier.
  8. School Yearbook—Take a walk down memory lane with your child as you study the magnified images.
  9. School supply list—because summer is over before you know it!
  10. Ask for your child’s suggestion—remember to avoid liquids/messy items.

For older students, try looking at magazines, completing job applications, or reading nutrition labels.

There are endless tasks that can be done under the video magnifier. Your child will practice moving the tray, tracking, and adjusting magnification while beating summer boredom. As your child is working, make sure they are positioned without having to extend their neck upward. You may be able to adjust the screen’s height or use a taller chair or shorter table.

Whatever you choose, have fun! Let’s work together to keep the CCTV dust free!

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