How One Mother Spreads Awareness of Everything a Child Who is Blind/ Low Vision Can Achieve

Although she shares she was initially “heartbroken” when she learned her infant son, Ashton, was born blind, Hilda Dunford has learned as much from him as he has from her. As she says, “He’s taught me how to see with my heart.” Hilda had Ashton when she was 21, her first child with her husband, … Continued

Transitions: Celebrating the Diversity of Hispanic Heritage with Albinism

Kayla Ludlow loves being a Latina. She’s proud of her Hispanic heritage – her father is from Ecuador – and even though her parents split up when Kayla was young, her American-born mother made sure to teach Kayla about her heritage, including encouraging her to learn Spanish and take Latin dance classes. But people don’t … Continued

Behind the Scenes: Mom Creates CVI-Friendly YouTube Videos

Editor’s note: Alissa DeSousa shares memories of her son receiving multiple medical diagnoses, both in utero and in early childhood, including cerebral/ cortical visual impairment (CVI). She also shares how she recognized a need for CVI-friendly videos and proceeded to meet the need. Behind the Scenes: Mom Creates CVI-Friendly YouTube Videos When my pregnancy was … Continued

Journey to a Diagnosis of Leber Congenital Amaurosis

Editor’s note: Brooklyn and Nick are raising two girls with Leber congenital amaurosis, an inherited eye condition characterized by a lack of activity in the retina. Today, they share their long road to receiving diagnoses. If you, too, have a child diagnosed with an eye condition, please know that 1) You are not alone, 2) … Continued

Transitions: Dr. Heidi Joshi, Manager of Integrated Behavioral Health, Shares Her Career Journey 

Editor’s Note: Blind since birth due to Retinopathy of Prematurity and never seeing visual impairment as a barrier, Heidi Joshi, PsyD., shares how her childhood interests led to the path of Clinical Psychology.   __________________________________  Dr. Heidi Joshi, Manager of Integrated Behavioral Health, Shares Her Career Journey  Dr. Heidi Joshi is the Manager of Integrated Behavioral … Continued

Braille Literacy Month: Emergent Literacy for Individuals Who Are Blind or Deafblind

Have you ever thought about how people learn? As I have written on previously (for instance, in the blog Explore an Orchard with Your Child Who Is Blind or Visually Impaired), and as you have no doubt witnessed in your own learning endeavors and when teaching your child(ren), individuals learn when they are able to make connections.  People aren’t blank slates on which we simply download or impart information; individuals understand concepts … Continued

Transitions: Creativity Overcomes Challenges Posed by a Remote Summer Transition Experience

Editor’s Note: Each state offers a summer work or pre-employment transition program for youth with visual impairments, including those with additional disabilities.  These programs are excellent opportunities for young people to learn about working as a person with vision loss and build confidence and gain valuable work experience.  In this blog Gavin, an aspiring actor, shares what he … Continued