Retro to Modern Accessible Easter Egg Hunt Options

A memorable, accessible Easter egg hunt for your entire familyā€”including your young person who is blind or low visionā€”can be in your near future. Picture your little one (white cane in tow) enthusiastically finding Easter eggs with their peersā€”imagine the joy, the victory, and the independence! Thatā€™s right, you can prepare an egg hunt where … Continued

APH Hive: Equipping Children who Have Multiple Disabilities with Pre-Employment Skills

Is your child who is blind or low vision with additional disabilities preparing for a lifetime of meaningful employment? While transition and career readiness are mandated in your childā€™s IEP by the age of 16, career readiness has its place in your childā€™s educational programming from day one of entering school. But what does career … Continued

Low Vision: Accepting the White Cane and Use of Protective Techniques

People with low vision sometimes have trouble accepting their need to use the long white cane. Orientation and Mobility Specialists (O&Ms) are in charge of teaching skills to their students such as the proper protection techniques and providing them with examples of how to incorporate them when needed. After hurricane Fiona and Maria, Puerto Ricans … Continued

Early Intervention and the ā€œVirtual Home Visitā€ Service Delivery Model

Your young child who is blind or low vision likely has a variety of early intervention services supporting their specific needs. As service-providing agencies find themselves with fewer providers, especially in rural areas, many are offering virtual services. Some agencies are offering a hybrid of both in-person and virtual services, which has its own set … Continued

ParentConnect: Connecting Matters

When facing challenges, stressful life changes, and feelings of isolation, ParentConnect can be a space to support you. Support groups offer space to share concerns and successes while providing the opportunity to learn, grow, and connect with others going through similar situations. Becoming a parent has challenges that other parents can relate to, but what … Continued