Sensing and Learning with the APH Hive

Does your child who is blind or low vision have complex needs? Partnering with your education team to gather information about how your child responds to activities at school and home is the first step towards building communication skills. As parents, we may want to know what is observed when determining our child’s present level … Continued

National Center on Deaf-Blindness: Family Leadership, Engagement, and Empowerment

Families are the experts in knowing their child, which should positively impact the decisions made for a child who is deafblind. Children who are deafblind have specific needs and considerations that are “compoundingly complex.” Families with a child who is deafblind will go through many stages of emotions and have different needs as they support … Continued

Meet the APH FamilyConnect Parent Advisory Board Members! 

Our mission as the APH FamilyConnect Parent Advisory Board is to make a difference by empowering families with love, compassion, wisdom, and authenticity. – APH FamilyConnect Parent Advisory Board  In October, APH FamilyConnect established the first-ever Parent Advisory Board. This group represents nine different states, various diagnoses, ages of children, many life experiences, and the … Continued

Wearable Technology That May Help Reduce Eye-Pressing

Breaking a habit can be extremely challenging. One such habit common to children who are blind or low vision is eye pressing, poking, or rubbing—a habit that can damage the eye. HabitAware and APH have teamed up to create a device to help children with eye-poking and eye-pressing behavior. Traditionally, it has been recommended to … Continued

Early Intervention and the “Virtual Home Visit” Service Delivery Model

Your young child who is blind or low vision likely has a variety of early intervention services supporting their specific needs. As service-providing agencies find themselves with fewer providers, especially in rural areas, many are offering virtual services. Some agencies are offering a hybrid of both in-person and virtual services, which has its own set … Continued

ParentConnect: Connecting Matters

When facing challenges, stressful life changes, and feelings of isolation, ParentConnect can be a space to support you. Support groups offer space to share concerns and successes while providing the opportunity to learn, grow, and connect with others going through similar situations. Becoming a parent has challenges that other parents can relate to, but what … Continued