My Career as a Benevolent Burglar: The Understated, Underrated Power of Contribution

Editor’s note: George Stern, a college student and brilliant wordsmith who is deafblind, shares the lasting impact of contributing to his family as a child.   1: Through the Window, Softly So, what would’ve happened was: my mum, Ms. Norma, or Ms. Marie, or some other Ms. in our constellation of neighbors would’ve locked herself … Continued

Transitions: “What Did You Say About Frogs”?: Deafblindness, An Incomplete Introduction 

Editor’s note: Is your child or young adult an individual with deafblindness? Do you wonder what it’s like to be DeafBlind? In recognition of DeafBlind Awarness Month, George Stern shares his perspective on living with deafblindness. George is a deafblind Afro-Caribbean immigrant who’s interested in all things food, linguistic, and social justice.   Several lifetimes ago, … Continued