A Thankful Mom: Nancy’s Story of Raising Her Son Who Is Visually Impaired

I recently had coffee with the mom of one of my former students (Jake). You may remember reading about Jake in July when AFB celebrated his graduation from high school and acceptance into college. I know firsthand Jake’s success was in large part due to his unique character as a person, but his attributes of … Continued

Advice for September from a College Freshman

It is the start of September which means two things: 1) summer is almost over, and 2) it’s officially back-to-school season. It’s the time of year when millions of students across the nation are returning to elementary, middle, and high schools. It’s also the perfect time of the year for me to introduce you to … Continued

Graduated and College Bound!

I recently had the honor of recognizing one of my former Kindergarten students, Michael “Jake” Beausir for a scholarship award at his high school graduation awards ceremony. When I announced his name to the audience, the crowd rose to their feet and roared with applauses, whistles and shouts of “whoop whoop”! As Jake accepted his … Continued